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Custom Pop art portrait for Meleisha

Pop Art portrait
Pop Art portrait

A few weeks ago, Meleisha asked me if I could create a custom Pop Art portrait for her. photo

The original picture was perfect for a Pop Art portrait. The background is a solid color and the face is fully visible with great shadows so it was easy to create a great portrait.

I sent her two versions with small variations between the two. You can see the one she picked above. I really like how she looks amazing even with green hair or blue lipstick!

If you’d like to have a custom Pop Art portrait from your photo you can visit my Etsy shop here.

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Introducing black and white pop art and graffiti portraits

I’ve been working on new custom portraits recently. I wanted to create something with less colors than the rest of my work. Something more suitable for a modern, minimalist and/or monochrome home decor.

I ended up creating pop art portraits in shades of black, white and grey. I really like the change. They are a perfect match to any home decor style.

And this gave me the idea of creating monochrome graffiti portraits. Perfect for your teens!

As always, they are available at my Etsy shop.


Je lance des portraits pop art avec des tons grisés. Je voulais changer de mon style habituel, très coloré, pour chercher quelque chose de plus adapté à des décors modernes, minimalistes et/ou monochromes.

Après quelques essais j’ai finalement enlevé toutes les couleurs et j’ai fait ces portraits en dégradé de blanc et noir.

À partir de ça, j’ai eu l’idée de créer des portraits de style graffiti (pour les graffeurs qui sommeillent en nous).

Comme toujours, ils sont disponibles dans ma boutique Etsy.

Graffiti portrait for teens Black and white pop art portrait woman Black and white pop art portrait woman Black and white pop art portrait man Shade of grey pop art portrait womanGraffiti portrait for teens