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Custom Pop art portrait for Meleisha

Pop Art portrait
Pop Art portrait

A few weeks ago, Meleisha asked me if I could create a custom Pop Art portrait for her. photo

The original picture was perfect for a Pop Art portrait. The background is a solid color and the face is fully visible with great shadows so it was easy to create a great portrait.

I sent her two versions with small variations between the two. You can see the one she picked above. I really like how she looks amazing even with green hair or blue lipstick!

If you’d like to have a custom Pop Art portrait from your photo you can visit my Etsy shop here.

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Introducing black and white pop art and graffiti portraits

I’ve been working on new custom portraits recently. I wanted to create something with less colors than the rest of my work. Something more suitable for a modern, minimalist and/or monochrome home decor.

I ended up creating pop art portraits in shades of black, white and grey. I really like the change. They are a perfect match to any home decor style.

And this gave me the idea of creating monochrome graffiti portraits. Perfect for your teens!

As always, they are available at my Etsy shop.


Je lance des portraits pop art avec des tons grisés. Je voulais changer de mon style habituel, très coloré, pour chercher quelque chose de plus adapté à des décors modernes, minimalistes et/ou monochromes.

Après quelques essais j’ai finalement enlevé toutes les couleurs et j’ai fait ces portraits en dégradé de blanc et noir.

À partir de ça, j’ai eu l’idée de créer des portraits de style graffiti (pour les graffeurs qui sommeillent en nous).

Comme toujours, ils sont disponibles dans ma boutique Etsy.

Graffiti portrait for teens Black and white pop art portrait woman Black and white pop art portrait woman Black and white pop art portrait man Shade of grey pop art portrait womanGraffiti portrait for teens

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When Alfons Mucha meets Hollywood

Hi Everyone!

Today I had fun creating Alfons Mucha portraits with the faces of celebrities.

Can you guess who is who?

Don’t forget that custom portraits are available in my Etsy shop.


scarlett johansson nathalie dormer 1 Emma Watson beyonce


The original artworks by Alfons Mucha:

Byzantine1 têtemucha Mucha-edited-16 more-mucha-26 mucha 004 Byzantine2bis

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Portrait de Betty Autier

Aujourd’hui j’ai été inspirée par Betty Autier du blog Betty Autier portrait par Marion de Lauzun

J’ai crée un portrait inspiré par mon portrait de style “Indien” (d’Amérique) avec des plumes et du maquillage tribal.

Vous pouvez avoir votre portrait à partir d’une photo: checkez ma boutique Etsy

Today I was inspired by Betty autier from the Blog I used the technics of my Indian portrait with feathers and tribal make-up.

Get yours on my Etsy shop.

Betty Autier portrait by Marion de Lauzun
Betty Autier portrait by Marion de Lauzun






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“K is for Kani” and “Et pourquoi pas Coline”

Connie is the Australian girl behind the fashion/lifestyle blog “K is for Kani”.

k is for kani
k is for kani

I found this picture of her while browsing her website and decided to create a custom portrait of her inspired by my butterfly custom portrait.

Connie creates beautiful floral headpieces and seems to prefer colored clothes (not really on this picture so). I tried to use warm colors that will match her personality.

What do you think?

K is for Kani custom portrait
K is for Kani custom portrait


Coline is the French girl behind “Et pourquoi pas Coline”. She blog mainly about fashion and beauty on her website.

et pourquoi pas coline
et pourquoi pas coline

I created her portrait using my sparkling custom portrait. Unlike Connie, Coline seems to prefer darker colors for her clothes. So I choose colors that are less loud.

I really like the combination of stars and splashes of paint on her hair.

et pourquoi pas coline custom portrait
et pourquoi pas coline custom portrait










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Like my new Facebook page for a chance to WIN your custom portrait

This week is a fresh start ! New website, new Facebook page, and I just started a Twitter and Instagram account (don’t really know how it works yet!)

I was using my “Folie du Jour” (my previous on-line shop) Facebook page to share with you all my new artworks. Lately I decided that it was time to separate my two activities.

Since Facebook did not allow me to change my Facebook page name, I had to create another one. So I decided to do a little competition !

– Like my NEW Facebook page
– Competition ends when we reach 100 fans (make sure to like us before!)
– I will use a random number generator to pick 5 winners

A custom portrait from your photo ! (or the photo of your girlfriend, brother, dog, etc)

– Choose your favorite custom portrait on my Etsy shop
Send me the link to the portrait and a picture of the subject on clear background.
– I will then create your own portrait and send you the file for you to print

Link to the new Facebook page
5 winners. Competition ends when we reach 100 fans. Good luck !

See some examples of my work below. The competition includes all my custom portraits.
Check them on my Etsy shop or on my Website

Custom portraits by Marion de Lauzun
Custom portraits by Marion de Lauzun


Marion de Lauzun custom portrait Alfons Mucha
Marion de Lauzun custom portrait Alfons Mucha

Marion de Lauzun custom portrait Alfons Mucha