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Tiffany’s review

Thank you Tiffany for your review !
“I ordered a pop art portrait as a gift for my niece who is obsessed with selfies. Marion was amazing to work with. She answered all my questions and even helped me with my picture selection to ensure the portrait was exactly what I wanted. I was a little hesitant shopping around because my idea was to print the portrait onto a 30 x 30 canvas but it turned out perfect. I would highly recommend Marion & look forward to working with her again.”

Selfie pop art portrait
Selfie pop art portrait
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Shannon’s review

A cat custom pop art portrait for Shannon’s friend.
Thank you Shannon for sending me this picture and for your cool review. I’m glad that your friend liked the portrait!

“I had Marion make a print for a friend who lost a pet and it turned out phenomenal. This is such a unique, thoughtful and affordable gift idea. I had a bunch of questions at first and she answered them promptly and patiently. The fast delivery exceeded my expectations. Support this cool artist!”

Cat pop art portrait

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Pop Art wedding portrait

portrait kristen2ok
Pop art wedding portrait

Two months ago, I created a portrait for a beautiful couple. They were getting married in a place that has some original Andy Warhol portrait and wanted me to create a portrait that could match the atmosphere.

The bride-to-be sent me some pictures of the place and we agreed on a shade of light blue and green.

You can see the result on top and below!

I wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

Pop art wedding portrait
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Once upon a time fan art

Arf, je viens juste de finir le dernier épisode de Once Upon a Time.

Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas: je vous le conseille vivement!

Enfin il faut aimer les classiques de Disney. Tous les personnages sont inspirés des contes de fées et de leur adaptation par Disney: Blanche Neige, Mulan, Pinocchio, Cendrillon, etc. Tous se retrouvent coincés dans notre monde suite à une malédiction et ils ne se souviennent pas de leur véritable identité.

Ce qui j’aime surtout dans cette série c’est que les femmes sont traitées à égalité avec les hommes: elles sont fortes, indépendantes et savent se battre. C’est bien souvent Blanche Neige qui va sauver son Prince par exemple.

Je me suis lancée dans un fan art de Emma Swan (la fille de Blanche Neige et Prince Charmant) joué par Jennifer Morrison.

Le personnage est dans une situation où elle peut tomber du “mauvais coté de la force” et devenir une méchante ou alors réussir à rester un héro. D’où le coté bon et le coté méchant.

Qu’en pensez vous?

Emma Swan fan Art Once Upon a Time
Emma Swan fan Art Once Upon a Time

J’ai aussi fait Captain Hook. Même si c’était plutôt un essai par rapport à l’acteur Colin O’Donoghue et pas forcément le personnage.

Colin O'Donoghue Hook fan art
Colin O’Donoghue Hook fan art
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Votez Elsa !

Votez Elsa !

Entre elle et – hem – tous les autres, le choix est vite fait… Et je vote Anna premier ministre !

Avec une belle affiche de style Barack Obama Hope, je pense que la victoire est proche !
I had fun today creating a political poster for Queen Elsa from Frozen.
Custom “HOPE” portraits available on my Etsy shop
Send me a photo of your girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, yourself, your pet, your bike, anything you’d like,and I will turn them into a politician !

Queen Elsa Barack Obama Hope poster
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Portrait de Betty Autier

Aujourd’hui j’ai été inspirée par Betty Autier du blog Betty Autier portrait par Marion de Lauzun

J’ai crée un portrait inspiré par mon portrait de style “Indien” (d’Amérique) avec des plumes et du maquillage tribal.

Vous pouvez avoir votre portrait à partir d’une photo: checkez ma boutique Etsy

Today I was inspired by Betty autier from the Blog I used the technics of my Indian portrait with feathers and tribal make-up.

Get yours on my Etsy shop.

Betty Autier portrait by Marion de Lauzun
Betty Autier portrait by Marion de Lauzun






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“K is for Kani” and “Et pourquoi pas Coline”

Connie is the Australian girl behind the fashion/lifestyle blog “K is for Kani”.

k is for kani
k is for kani

I found this picture of her while browsing her website and decided to create a custom portrait of her inspired by my butterfly custom portrait.

Connie creates beautiful floral headpieces and seems to prefer colored clothes (not really on this picture so). I tried to use warm colors that will match her personality.

What do you think?

K is for Kani custom portrait
K is for Kani custom portrait


Coline is the French girl behind “Et pourquoi pas Coline”. She blog mainly about fashion and beauty on her website.

et pourquoi pas coline
et pourquoi pas coline

I created her portrait using my sparkling custom portrait. Unlike Connie, Coline seems to prefer darker colors for her clothes. So I choose colors that are less loud.

I really like the combination of stars and splashes of paint on her hair.

et pourquoi pas coline custom portrait
et pourquoi pas coline custom portrait










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Like my new Facebook page for a chance to WIN your custom portrait

This week is a fresh start ! New website, new Facebook page, and I just started a Twitter and Instagram account (don’t really know how it works yet!)

I was using my “Folie du Jour” (my previous on-line shop) Facebook page to share with you all my new artworks. Lately I decided that it was time to separate my two activities.

Since Facebook did not allow me to change my Facebook page name, I had to create another one. So I decided to do a little competition !

– Like my NEW Facebook page
– Competition ends when we reach 100 fans (make sure to like us before!)
– I will use a random number generator to pick 5 winners

A custom portrait from your photo ! (or the photo of your girlfriend, brother, dog, etc)

– Choose your favorite custom portrait on my Etsy shop
Send me the link to the portrait and a picture of the subject on clear background.
– I will then create your own portrait and send you the file for you to print

Link to the new Facebook page
5 winners. Competition ends when we reach 100 fans. Good luck !

See some examples of my work below. The competition includes all my custom portraits.
Check them on my Etsy shop or on my Website

Custom portraits by Marion de Lauzun
Custom portraits by Marion de Lauzun


Marion de Lauzun custom portrait Alfons Mucha
Marion de Lauzun custom portrait Alfons Mucha

Marion de Lauzun custom portrait Alfons Mucha

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New website !

Hi everyone !
My name is Marion, I’m a French illustrator and graphist. I create all kind of illustrations: typographic, vintage collages, custom portraits, etc
I decided to create this blog in order to share with you my work, and a little bit of my life. I’m currently living in the South of France but I will shortly move to Japan for a year with the working holidays visa. So excited about that !

You will find below some informations about me, my work and where to buy it.

About me

Born and raised in South West France, Marion de Lauzun now lives in Paris, a

Marion de Lauzun

stone’s throw from Montmartre.

She graduated with a Master’s degree in International Management from NortheasternUniversity in Boston, Massachusetts (USA). She created the online shop The shop offered digital French advertising posters from 1890 to 1960.
After working for a few years in the e-commerce sector, she recently ventured into the art world, in particular graphic digital design.
She enjoys working with all kinds of graphic designs and elements, such as antique French illustrations, typographic designs, paintings, photos, etc. Her work is influenced by the French Belle Époque (Victorian Era), the Années Folles (Roaring Twenties), as well as her many travels around the World.

Where can I buy your art?

My work is available on several shops as Art prints, T-shirts, I-phone and I-pad cases, throw pillows, tote bags, mugs, shower curtains, and more !

Custom prints and portraits are available on her Etsy shop.

Click on the images for the link to the different shops

Marion de Lauzun

Marion de Lauzun est née et a grandi dans le Sud-Ouest de la france. Elle vit maintenant à Paris près de Montmartre. 

Après des études de commerce, elle a travaillé quelques années dans le e-commerce. Elle a crée le site de vente qui proposait des reproductions d’anciennes affiches publicitaires Françaises de la Belle Epoque.
Marion aime utiliser toutes sortes d’éléments pour ses créations: éléments typographiques, anciennes illustrations, peinture, etc.
Son travail est influencé par la Belle Epoque et les Années Folles ainsi que par ses nombreux voyages à travers le monde.

Où puis-je acheter vos illustrations?

Mes illustrations sont disponibles à la vente dans différentes boutique en ligne en tant que posters, T-Shirts, coques de téléphones, coussins, sacs, carnets, etc !
Mes affiches personnalisées sont disponibles dans ma boutique Etsy.

Cliquez sur les images pour les liens vers les sites.

Typographic prints

Typographic by Marion de Lauzun

Antique collages prints

Vintage collages by Marion de Lauzun

Custom portraits

Custom portraits by Marion de Lauzun
Custom portraits by Marion de Lauzun